Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Breath controll while having sex

I try to breath but just suck the plastic into my mouth, almost no air is left and the last oxygen is soon gone. I feel my transpiration. I hear my Owner getting turned on watching me struggle and hearing my loudly stocking desperate breathing exact like someone enjoying an orgasm. I feel my heart beating against his chest as he pulls his hard boner in my ass, his belly sploshing on and off my wet back. After about 30 seconds, transpiration runse all over my body in the hot greenhouse.

I feel my Ownder moved on to my belly ejaculating and enjoying my agony.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Crucifixion foreplay

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire SM8591 crucified:

Some outdoors foreplay

Couple of years ago, i got in contact with some rather rough guys who shared various fetishes and kinky fantasies. On my own suggestion they once organized an outdoors crucifixion scene which i will never forget: rough and by times scaring.
Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire The heavy cross was kept in a barn of the farm. Being nude and bare feet to walk from the farm to the woods, the walk was a real torture experience. The rough wood scratched my shoulders and back and pulled in my skin.
Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire The first part of the way was covered with broken concrete, it felt like burning hot and painful at my bare feet. A public road had to be crossed too before getting into the woods.
Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire All the way my "executers" slowed down my walk, as they pushed my body and pulled the cross forcing me on my knees.
The sweat ran of my body when i reached the execution spot.
Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire
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One of the executers loved snuff scenes and ordered me to dig a pit that fitted my body. This intermezzo took at least a couple of hours every now and then i had to lay on my back in my grave, a display that obviously pleased the snuff amateur.

Another of the three executers got turned on by seeing my body getting messy, he asked to pose and especially show my dirty feet.

When he unzipped his pants and ordered me to sit on my knees on the heap of ground, he moved his cock before my face. Without thinking i opened my mouth and let him put his penis on my tongue. His cock was swelling up in my mouth but suddenly one called him to stop. He pulled back and kicked me hard with his boot into the pit. He started to push ground on my body in the pit and said he would love to burry me like that.

The others stopped him and i had to sit on my knees in the grass, all three guys had been drinking beers and had to pee which they found perfect to get the mud from my body. Their warm piss washed the ground of most of my body, clean to get crucified.

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Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire


In general crucifixions are the climax of a long and intense role play in which a wide variety of BDSM scenes are applied on my body. A crucifixion requires at least two strong men, cables and good preparation. Outdoors some tools used to bring large trees down proved very handy. Men who enjoy their phantasy becoming reality get repeatly sexualy arosed by the erotic displays. They will restrain to get all participants in a kind of erotic trance.

A difficult moment was when they decided to tie me on the cross. They kept their clothes on all the time of the foreplay. While they turned the ropes around my legs and wrists it was the first time they got with their hands on me. When i felt these hands working on my body my cock got hard, a display which was just too much of a turn on for the men. Fixed by the ropes i could just watch and feel how they stroke my cock and see them each on turn drop their pants, sit on my belly rubbing their cock against mine and over my skin, bending over my face to pull their cock in my mouth. I stroke my tongue over their penis while they moved slowly in and out of my mouth untill some precum was released. Then they restrained and got off my body for the next one to use me. The taste and feeling of each penis in my mouth and the hairy men sitting on me got me bonehard. They called it the happy rape hour, although it lasted perhaps only 10-15 minutes. After this they took a break for a drink leaving me tied on the ground.

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Cross sadism

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire Diary of a submissive naked male slave:

Crucified to please any perverted sadist.

All suspension techniques are considered extreme SM. Live crucifixion scenes of naked sluts can please many. But i got crucified in many different ways: the most intense in pain so far was when my legs were tied behind the cross...

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Hanging crucified naked with the legs behind the cross

Watching a naked body hanging crucified, shacking and sweeping back and forth in agony is the ultime desire of most SM dom's. It is the most demanding SM i ever got applied to me and at the limit of what my body can have without losing consciousness. The torture tool is in fact nothing else as the own body weight, the degree of pain is determined by the way the bodyweight can rest at the feet or ankles. Breathing gets very difficult by the arms being stretched causing immense stress on the chest.

Hanging suspended in ropes around the chest is much more painfull than it looks. The bodyweight causes the rope to press deep into skin and flesh, pressing the ribs together. With arms spread, the stress of the ropes gets at the wrists. Protection with some leather flaps is necessary to avoid open wounds caused by the ropes at the wrists. But even when the pain of the ropes cutting into skin and flesh is less, hanging suspended remains a most painful position amost unbearable for chest and shoulders.

The pictures below are from an extreme sessions: with ankles tied behind the vertical beam, pulling the body forward with legs wide open. This position fully expose the genitals to any additional torture one can think of. Not visible, but done is that a kind of dildo is pulled into the subs' ass. in this position the body tend to wrap with the bum against the vertical beam and thus pressing the dildo deep inside.

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My genitals totally exposed while my body shakes back and forth in agony.

Are you looking for male crucifixion ? You'll find a lot, most nude pics, in this yahoo group:

Crucified on a bare wall

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire SM8591 crucified:

A date in Holland.

An announcement on a dating site catched my attention: a Dutch couple searched a male slave for a role play. Staying in Holland i volunteered and Saturday 5 March i arrived at their house to stay for a weekend.
How to start?

When i arrived they looked at me if i was really the person they expected. I hadn't mentioned i was displayed on porn sites, just sent them a photo. I didn't know anything about them as they proposed to meet in person first for privacy reasons. I was a bit surprised they were a gay couple as they introduced themself as Rob who works as a plumber and Frank who did something in woodconstructions. Standing just behind their frontdoor in their entrance hall, i had to decide to stay and serve them or to leave. As they started that i had curious nipples on the photo i sent and sexy feet, for some reason i proposed i should take my shoes off. This way i had decided to stay being already bare feet.

Taking my coat off, one asked again about my nipples. I lifted my pull-over and t-shirt up and said "look". While they stared at my chest i removed my pull-over and t-shirt and put it with my watch and sun-glasses away in my sportbag. They watched and started to speak in Dutch between them, my body seemed to please them. One touched my belly below my navel and i felt his fingers going into my pubes. "Nice smooth body, except for this pussy" he smiled with his hand in my pants. I removed my belt and pulled the zipper down, dropped my jeans and asked if my body was ok for them. "Perfect" they said while one pushed my slip a bit down on my back to look at my ass. While i stepped out of my jeans a pulled my slip down on the floor and posed naked for them still in their entrance hall just minutes after my arrival. Both touched my body and i felt their hands rub all over my body, i assumed they commented my body in Dutch and finally confirmed 'OK we take you'.

They took me upstairs and offered me a rather strong beer, to bring me in the mood they said. I sat naked on the floor listening why and what they expected from me. Frank is the Dom in their relationship, Rob slightly submissive but doesn't like too much real pain. They had a nice home-made SM room installed and looked for someone to do what's too painful for Rob, while Rob is interested in making erotic photography. Both were 50+ and rather too prudish to show their body.

The next hours i get my body chained, tied, stretched, suspended upside down, various clamps, weights etc applied on my nipples, whipped and spanked and all this being photographed. Speaking about crucifixion, i offered to display this live too. They had no wooden cross to carry an adult body, but managed to fix an alternative on a wall of bricks.

The crucifixion experience

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Since my arrival at noon i had lost track of time, somewhere late afternoon i finally got crucified. To start i had to stand on a stair while Frank wrapped leather bands around my wrists with some protection for my skin. I also got some leather protection around my ankles and a rope tied around it, fixed at a hook. First i could stand with my toes on the top of the stair what saved my shoulders and chest.
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After a while Rob took the stair away to make photographs. I felt my wrists and ankles being squeezed, the bricks scrubbed the skin off my back as my body slipped down.

Unfortunately his camera shutted down and they used an older type of camera. They enjoyed the scene unaware this is totally different from what they applied to me before.

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My ribs felt like smashed, breathing made my belly shake back and forth.

As i'm uncut, i got my foreskin pulled backward and Frank wanted to see me with a hard erected penis.

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire
I begged to put the ropes better around my ankles as the ropes slipped and cut painful into my skin.
Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire
Fixing my feet, Frank stood right below my genitals and joked "very inviting to cut these off" something that must have happened to crucified men in ancient times.
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Frank insists i should show an erection to make the picture complete and suggested to insert kind of dildo from underneath but that failed.
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Struggling to trigger an erection i swept my penis back and forth getting blood pressed into it. Although i couldn't keep a really hard erection, Frank got some snapshots of my swollen penis swinging forward.
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Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire
According to Frank i remained crucified for about one hour. It took much time before Rob and Frank managed to get me back to the floor. I had no controll on my muscles, had no feeling in my feet or in my arms. They gave me massage but it took long before i managed to move my hands and got on my feet.

And what about sex as trio?

When they invited me to share their bed, i assumed we would have sex, but both wear pajama's while i remained nude in between them. Sunday morning they got horny and kissed each other, taking off their pyama's under the sheets. Both moved their bone hard cocks over my belly, i felt squeezed between them. Although they moved naked on my body they hided under the sheets so i tried to move my head below the sheet. When they rubbed their cocks against each other i managed to get with my mouth at them. It was a while ago i had two men together on my tongue. Finally i saw them naked and we played for hours all Sunday morning.

They sent me a selection of the photographs but so far no new appointments were made. Since i told them i was on pornsites and that i had been working as escort and in sex clubs, they weren't amused.